So how can varices be treated?

Leg varicose veins? Treatment of typical leg varicose veins includes several possible modalities, including ablation or closure of veins with insufficient valves using laser or radiofrequency energy, phlebectomy (generally tiny incisions to remove varicose veins), or sclerotherapy (injection of a chemcial to close the varicose vein), or a combination of the above. Compression stockings can give symptomatic relief.
A combination. If you have vein disease, a combination of things is often used. With varicose veins, it important to have an ultrasound of your veins to see if there is any underlying vein trouble that is causing your visible veins. This is usually treated with endoveneous laser or rf. The rest can be treated with phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, or both. Traditional vein stripping surgery is rarely done in the us.
See Vascular Surgeon. See a vascular surgeon to discuss your options, as they are they are the most highly trained vein specialists & can offer you all the treatment options. To determine best option, u will first need a venous reflux ultrasound. Possible therapies include endovenous thermal ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and incompetent vein ligations. Most options are minimally invasive & done in MD's office.