Can liver hemangioma be diagnosed by mri?

Yes. An MRI with IV contrast is very useful in diagnosing liver hemangiomas. They have a very characteristic pattern of how they take up and release the IV contrast in comparison to other liver lesions. The best MRI would be a "hemangioma protocol" where they take a few extra pictures later than would be typically done for a liver mri.
Yes. Liver (hepatic) hemangiomas are benign and one of the most common liver masses that radiologists encounter. Hemangiomas have a specific appearance on mri. They can also be diagnosed on ct scan and ultrasound.

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Ultrasound revealed liver hemangioma. Doc wants an MRI but I'm claustrophobic. CT scan with no contrast agent sufficient for proper diagnosis?

If CT. Need contrast. Both MRI and CT can be excellent ways of confirming that a liver tumor or nodule is in fact a Hemangioma as there are very defining characteristics about these lesions by both these methods of imaging. Liver Hemangiomas have a very characteristic enhancement pattern using contrast, where the periphery enhances first and then the center fills over time. With CT contrast is needed to observe this.
MRI better. In this context, MRI is the better test. Perhaps you can have an open MRI (unless MRA is needed). Or wide bore MRI (not as tight as the usual MRI). Or MRI with sedation or even under anesthesia.

Doctors have noted an hepatic hemangioma as side notes on 2 separate tests (abdominal ultrasound & cardiac mri). What is this & should I be concerned?

Benign. These are a noncancerous, and common, localized tangle of blood vessels. Not to worry.
Mostly benign. Hepatic hemangiomas are a tangle of blood vessels in the liver. Benign mass and does not increase the incidence of liver cancer. Most of the time discover incidentally and most patient do not have any symptoms. Some patients have a tendency to produce tangle of vessels in other organs and can be symptomatic. Consult with your doctor.

Have had numerous hemangiomas confimred on MRI now had u/s tech askef about cyst on liver can that be same?

No. Hemangiomas on sono look relatively echogenic (bright) while simple cysts are echo free (black). Larger hemangiomas may exhibit a more complex pattern on sono but will not look like a simple cyst.

I was prescribed a liver MRI with Eovist to follow up after an Ultrasound indicated possible liver hemangiomas. But I can find nothing online.

MRI with contrast. Eovist is the brand name for a gadolinium based MRI contrast agent. It helps visualize abnormalities in the liver. Here is a link describing Eovist. Https://www. Drugs. Com/eovist. Html.

I had us that showed multiple hyperechoic liver lesions. Consider hemangias. Mri was inconclusive did not look like hemangioma but too risky to biopsy?

Not really. Enough information to venture a guess. Why is biopsy too risky? What are the specific MRI characteristics of the lesions? If MRI was truly inconclusive, CT scan might be helpful for additional evaluation.

Confused have 2 cysts & a hemangioma on right lobe liver seen multiple x's mri for15 years now u/s 1 cyst is on left lobe & 1 on right w/ hemangioma?

Hemangioma cysts. Several possibilities left lobe cyst could be new. One of the previously seen right sided cysts may not have been identified on scan today. Ultrasound can be tricky if overlying air in bowel etc depending on location of lesion To avoid confusion, suggest that apples be compared to apples. To clear present confusion, suggest an MRI to compare to original baseline or most recent prior.

46M athletic, MRI of Abdomen, with Contrast 1.2 CM segment VI hemangioma on right Liver lobe, everything else normal, unremarkable. No pain. Next step?

Benign tumor. Hemangioma is the most common benign tumor of the liver. Small hemangiomas (like yours) cause no symptoms, and no treatment is necessary. Once the diagnosis is confirmed (e.g. with contrast enhanced MRI) it is debatable whether any follow up at all is necessary. Some physicians may recommend follow up at 6 or 12 months, ultrasound would be the simplest way to do this.

Liver CT shows growth of hemangioma 4.6cm & 3 new lesions. Onc didn't agree with it so ordered mri. Brain MRI added d/t nausea. Could this be mets?

Possible. Although benign etiology like hemangioma is possible, however, due to your history of breast cancer 2-3 years ago- I think an MRI of the liver should be done to really rule out possibility of metastatic disease- especially with reported- " new lesions" on ct scan. Or other options is to get a pet scan. Having said that, I really do hope that it turns out to be nothing serious.