What will my leg look like after varicose vein removal?

Phlebectomy? If by "vein remova"l you are referring to surgical removal or micro-phlebectomy, you will likely see 2mm tiny incsions, often without incisions, and some minor bruising and swelling.
Talk with doctor. It is important that you understand the limitations of different techniques so that you and your doctor choose the best treatment. If cosmetic appearance is very important, tell your doctor. In general, both phlebectomy and foam sclerotherapy can give a good cosmetic result but some types of skin changes (lipodermatosclerosis with hemosiderin pigmentation, where the skin has darkened) may reside.
Small incisions. The veins are removed through a small incisions less than half an inch long. Depending on whether it the varicose veins themselves are removed, or the saphenous vein is removed, the incisions can be in one or two places, or several. After you heal, the scars will be much less noticeable than the veins were.
Varicose veins. Depends on what kind of physical exam findings that you have prior to removal. Some leg problems will completely resolve after vein removal, other problems can persist. For example, if you have brown skin damage around your ankles from the vein problem, this usually persists after vein removal. But in general, your leg should look back to normal with no veins and small scars which should fade.

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I have taken Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) for the last 7-8 yrs. I have had varicose vein removal (leg) and experience monthly migraines. Could Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) be causing it?

Unlikely. While contraceptive pills may slightly increase your risk of blood clots, this is different from varicose veins which are likely unrelated. If the migraines happen around the time of your monthly bleed, consider skipping the placebo pills of your pack and starting a new pack with active pills instead. Read more...