I've been told I hvae rsd in my right leg, but I am wondering if it could be a varicose vein?

Difficult to know. Rsd is a very painful condition that would be hard to explain. The slightest touch, breeze across the area and other such insignificant things cause severe pain. It usually occurs after a trauma to the area. Varicose veins often are not painful. They can be but not usually severe. It can be a burning or aching pain. I would get checked out by pcp or other physician.
RSD vs varicose vein. As dr. Proffitt said, the diagnosis of rsd (or crps) can be difficult to make. Neverthe- less, there are some things that are typical about rsd. Very slight touch, even the wind, can cause severe pain which is often sharp and burning. Pain like this is unusual with varicose veins. Typically veins cause heaviness and fatigue that worsens as you stand more through the day.