What happens at a pre op visit for varicose vein removal?

Exam, Ultrasound. In my practice, I take a detailed history to understand your symptoms. I recommend all patients with varicose veins wear compression stockings. I do a detailed exam and ultrasound myself and explain all findings in real time. A patient leaves understanding exactly what is wrong and what can be done about it. Treatments, if needed, are in the office and take 30 minutes on average.
Discuss procedure. It depends on whether you have been worked up for your vein problems with a physical exam and ultrasound or whether you have already seen the doctor. Many times, your procedure is performed in a physician's office so the pre-op visit might be to discuss the procedure with you along with indications, benefits, and risks so you understand your upcoming procedure and have no questions.
Exam and ultrasound. A first visit for varicose veins includes a history of how the veins bother you then an exam of the size and location of the veins. Compression stockings will be prescribed and an ultrasound of the veins in the legs will often be ordered or performed that day.
Varicose veins. A evaluation is being performed, most commonly with a venous Doppler-sonogram to determine the source of the varicose veins. If there is reflux in the vein, the vein will be mapped, in preparation for possible thermal ablation of the incompetent vein. If there are only short segment vein abnormalities without reflux, then either sclerotherapy or possible phlebectomy will be recommended.