I have varicose veins in my thighs. What the easiest way for me to get rid of them?

Proper care. The first step is evaluation by a physician whose practice is dedicated to vein disease. This includes a history and physical exam and an ultrasound done with the patient standing. The doctor can then develop a specific treatment plan, which typically will include a treatment for deeper veins by laser or rf ablation (avoid 'stripping'), and more superficial veins by sclerotherapy and/or phlebectom.
See a phlebologist. Varicose veins in the thighs are often due to poorly funtioning valves of the superficial veins of the legs and an ultrasound of the legs will help delineate the abnormality. Often times the vein with the malfuntioning valves can be closed with laser or radiofrequency and then the varicose bulging veins themselves treated with phlebectomy (micro-incisions), sclerotherapy, or sometimes both.
See Vascular Surgeon. See a vascular surgeon to discuss your options, as they are they are the most highly trained vein specialists & can offer you all the treatment options. To determine best option, u will first need a venous reflux ultrasound. Possible therapies include endovenous thermal ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and incompetent vein ligations. Most options are minimally invasive & done in MD's office.
Varicose vein. Firstly an evaluation is important to determine the source. Based on that a treatment plan can be determined.
There are two. Methods for varicose veins. A. Leave veins where they are but trying to close them by sclerotherapy (liquid/foam) and heat ablation (by laser or rf current). All have high recurrence rates and by possibly causing blood clots dangerous too. B. Old stripping is out but the minimally invasive office and local anesthesia is the best as it removes the veins. Look up www. Gorenveincenter. Com.
Choices. Injections are an option, surgery and laser treatments are other options. Your choices will depend on the reasons you have these veins. See a vascular surgeon or plastic surgeon to discuss your options.