How do I treat spider/varicose veins on my own?

Won't work. Measures that can be helpful include compression stockings, regular aerobic activity, maintain a good weight, and avoidance of hot tubs/baths. However these won't clear spider/varicose veins, but may help reduce any related symptoms and slow down worsening. There are a variety of effective minimally-invasive treatment with a good success rate. See a vein specialist/phlebologist.
You don't. There is no safe and effective home remedy for varicose veins. See your dr.!
Spider veins. You may add isoflavinoids which may strengthen the blood vessel walls There is no home treatment and should be evaluated by a doctor that treats varicose veins.
Please don't try. As drs. Zimmett and welker said, there are no home remedies that will work. See a vein specialist/phlebologist.