What are the symptoms of clogged arteries?

Depends on where. Since clogged arteries can occur in many places in the body, symptoms will depend on which arteries are clogged. If they're in the heart a person may feel chest pain and have a heart attack. If they're in the leg, there may be pain in the calves while walking. Clogged arteries in the neck or brain can lead to a stroke. If the artery to an organ gets clogged it can lead to failure of that organ.

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What are the symptoms of clogging arteries with heart disease?

Variable. Depends on the location. In the legs it can be pain with walking or at night with the legs elevated, and feel like burning. In the heart it can be chest, shoulder or jaw ache, or atypical symptoms like nausea or no pain at all. In the abdomen could be pain after eating or nausea. Other areas (hands, brain, eyes etc) also have different symptoms. Read more...