How do I assist with the recovery process of a patient who had a pituitary tumor removed?

Encourage + monitor. Nursing a pituitary patient back to health, in the short term, encourage light but regular activity (limited walking) once they are home. Plenty of fluids, avoid aggressive nose blowing, avoid straining when going to the bathroom, and encourage compliance with any prescribed medicines. Watch for leakage of clear fluid from the nose, vision change, severe headache, extreme thirst, and fever.
Post Pituitary Surg. Read this first: http://www.Cedars-sinai.Edu/patients/programs-and-services/pituitary-center/patient-guide/recovering-from-pituitary-surgery.Aspx. You can expect some nasal bleeding. No heavy lifting for some weeks. And depending on the extent of the surgery, there will be hormonal adjustments and replacement medications to manage. Never hesitate to call the doctor if a question arises.