I really want to stop drinking but don't really want to go to aa. What else can I do?

Counseling. Find a counselor that specializes in addictions. See an addiction specialist, medications may be helpful with other support but not magic by themselves. Aa is not the only way to get sober, with that said it is an amazing program that has changed many peoples lives, and most of them did not want to go either in the beginning. Seek some type of healthy support from others. Be willing.
Mutual support helps. You might want to consider alternative forms of mutual support: rational recovery, secular organizations for sobriety, lifering and many others.
Any sobriety program. Requires work. There are a number of programs that are not 12 step based. Smart recovery (self-management & recovery training), rational recovery (with addictive voic recognition technique) & lifering (sobriety/secularity/ self-help). There are also non-12 step rehabilitation centers. You can also work with an addiction medicine specialist. Alcoholics anonymous meetings are very beneficial.