What should I do if my baby gets sunburned?

Baby sunburn. Use a small child approved moisturizer probably with aloe and nothing to cause allergy or irritate the skin. No alcohol and no retin-a. Just use the moisturizer and keep the skin clean, all should heal fine...If not see a pediatrician. Be sure not to get anymore sunburns as future damage is being done.
Cool and moisturize. Topical cooling will relieve pain immediately. Refrigerated aloe works best. For highly sensitive areas a topical anesthetic can be used under a physicians direction. Oral antinflammatories such as Ibuprofen can provide relief over the first few days. After cooling apply a rich moisturizer such as aquaphor or biafine.
Don't let it happen . There's not much you can do now. Form now, on protect your baby from the sun's harmful radiation. Use a sunscreen or shade to, protect him from the sun. If the bay is i pain, tylenol (acetaminophen) can help alleviate it.
Cool compresses. Baby's skins are very sensitive and burn easily. Try to prevent sunburns by always using sunscreen and staying in the shade. With a minor burn apply cool compresses, give an oatmeal bath and make sure the baby has plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. If the burn is blistering or baby has a fever bring to the doctor for evaluation.