Once you recover from the flu, how long will your body have the anti-bodies?

? Life. You probably have the antibodies for many years. But the influenza virus is commonly changing so that it will not necessarily prevent future attacks. That is why a flu vaccine is needed every year.

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How to avoid the viral infection? The other answers are correct. Are you looking for examples? Some viral infections clear up on their own and the body builds antibodies and rids itself of the virus, as is the case with influenza (the flu), colds, and int

Washing. Washing your hands in probably simplest, but also the most effective way to avoid the common viral infections.
See below. Viral infections can be very mild in healthy individuals. They can almost "fly under the radar screen" in that they may only last for a day or two. To avoid infections or to have the infections pass quickly it is recommended to get plenty of sleep, eat healthfully and drink alcohol in moderation.