My gf has had 3 miscarriages. The chances of her getting pregnant again?

High. She had 3 miscarriages which imply that she has no trouble getting pregnant but has difficulty keeping the pregnancy. So she will liekly get pregnant again without much problem. After three consecutive miscarriages, her chance of having another miscarriage is still less than 50%. However, she should try to find out if there is any specific problem is causing her repeat miscarriages.

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How long for u wait after a miscarriage to get pregnant again? What's the chance of getting pregnant again after miscarriage? Miscarried 2day 06/18.

Wait for next period. Usually it's a good idea to wait until you've had a normal period. Part of the reason is that your next period after a miscarriage is often late, and waiting reduces the frustration of wondering if you're pregnant again. It also gives your body a chance to get completely back to normal before getting pregnant again.

I had my tubes tied 9 yrs ago and just recently remarried. We had a miscarriage in oct. 2011 how can we get pregnant again and how can we increase our chances of getting pregnant again and lower our risk of another miscarriage?

I. I am assuming you had a reversal procedure. Please reply if otherwise. To help pin point ovulation thus having a better chance of conceiving buy an ovulation prediction kit and follow the detailed instructions. As far as lowering the risk of miscarriage, this is nearly impossible. Most pregnancies that end in miscarriage are a result of the fetus having a chromosomal defect that is incompatible with life. There are other causes of miscarriage (clotting disoders etc.) but these are not usually considered until a woman has 3 miscarriages. Please see your doctor; after obtaining a detailed history from you and your partner he/she will be able to give more applicable advice. I wish you the best of luck.

What are my chances of getting pregnant if I had 2 miscarriage, first at age 18 now at age21.took 3 years to fall pregnant but miscarried super early?

Getting/keeping PG? Getting pregnant won't be the problem, rather pregnancy retention will be. With 2 subsequent miscarriages, there is suspicion that there is some time of genetic combination or cervical problem initiating the miscarriages. Talk to your OB GYN MD about this issue prior to getting pregnant again for any possible correctable measures.

I'm almost 32 years old. I have 2 kids and have had moler pregnancy and 3 miscarriages. What is the chances of getting pregnant and carrying to term?

Good. If you have had 2 normal pregnancies before, your chances are good. You are at high risk early, so as soon as you think you are pregnant, you need to get in and get checked.

I'm 37 and never had a problem getting pregnant! I was pregnant last year and had a miscarriage after a fight. Has this affected my chance of getting pregnant because my partner and I have been trying for 3 months with no luck. Help me understand?

Definition of infert. Ilty is no pregnancy after trying for 12 months but at your age, so u should try for another 6 months and if not preg then see your gyn to start a workup, u can do an ovulation kit your help to make sure u are ovulating, if you are not ovulating 3 months in a row then u need to see the gyn for a workup, very sad that a fight caused a miscarr.

What are my chances of getting pregnant after just having a miscarriage?

Try not to. You should try to avoid conception for at least 3 months after a miscarriage, by using some kind of birth control, to allow your body to ready itself for another pregnancy. To not runs the risk of possibly having another miscarriage, as your uterus may still be inflamed from the previous miscarriage.
Pretty good! Older dictum was that women should wait for 3-6 months after a miscarriage to attempt conception again. Newer studies have shown that women who wait have decreased fertility rates in comparison to women who do not wait! Take Folic Acid 1-5 mg daily and resume sexual activity as soon as you feel ready to do so. Good luck!

They say theres higher chance of getting pregnant after d&c? How about natural miscarriage?

Yes. For any one couple, a recent pregnancy increases the odds of another pregnancy for them. This is true whether the recent pregnancy is a live birth, or miscarriage or ectopic. A tubal pregnancy does however increase the odds that there may be another tubal pregnancy or infertility so check with your doctor. I don't think losing the pregnancy spontaneously or having a D&C changes those odds.

What can I do to increase my chance of getting pregnant after trying for ten years with the same guy? Had a miscarriage 07/2002 by a different person.

See OB/Gyn. If you have been trying to become pregnant for 10 years with the same partner without success then you need to see your ob/gyn for further evaluation. Generally, infertility workups are initiated after 1 year of unprotected intercourse without pregnancy. He will need a semen analysis and you will need some testing to see if you are ovulating and/or if there are any problems with your uterus/tubes.

What are my chances of getting pregnant after tubes tied in 2003 and miscarriage in 2007?

Not unless.... Unless your tubal liagtion failed (roughly 1 in 100 do) your chance of natural conception is zero. Are you certain you had a miscarriage in 2007, because that suggests at least one tube is working. A reproductive endocrinologist can help you learn more about your options.