What are the chances of getting pregnant only having unprotected sex one time midcycle?

Depends. Your age is a major determinant; the chance may be as high as 25% in your teens and twenties, but decreases to <5% after 40.
Less than 25% Average fertile woman having unprotected intercourse has approximately 25% chance of conceiving in one cycle. If you have only one intercourse in the midcycle, your chance will be lower than this.

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Are your chances of getting pregnant less likely if you have sex during a missed period? I had unprotected sex 5 times during one and am still late.

Pregnancy test. If you're asking whether or not it's possible to get pregnant during aperiod , that'd be highly unlikely because you're shedding the soil for which a seed could be implanted. The fact that you're missing periods though and having unprotected sex means that you should get a pregnancy test and if it's negative see a doctor to figure out why you're missing them. Read more...