How long to recover from hip repair surgery?

Arthroscopy? If you mean repair of the labrum in the hip arthroscopically, typically pro athletes return to play at an avg of 4 months postop. Most normal folks get back to complete full activities by 4-6 months. If cartilage restoration work is involved, the rehab can be longer.
Depends. Would have to know more details regarding nature of procedure to answer question. Arthroscopic hip surgery with labral repair and bone reshaping requires anywhere from 4-6 months for full return to sporting activities. Return to day to day work activities with exception of strenuous labor on order of 4-6 wks.

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What is the typical cost of hip repair surgery?

Depends. That would depend on your insurance provider. Get orthopedic group has a set fee they are contracted to accept if they are "in network". Everyone's out of pocket cost depends on their specific insurance coverage. Read more...