Can you tell me about staph infection in the blood? Is it fatal?

Called sepsis. This is a very dangerous infection that is treated in hospital with IV antibiotics. It can be fatal.
Can be fatal. A staphylococcal bacteremia (and presumably sepsis) is a serious event. While we have drugs that treat most species of staph well, toxins produced by the bacteria can cause shock, organ damage, and death rapidly.

Related Questions

Is a staph infection in the blood contagious?

Not usually. But the bug is on and around the infected person. Wash your hands carefully to prevent spread.

What blood test tests for staph infection in the blood?

Blood Cultures. This is not a common question or situation and am not sure why you would ask. But, there are blood cultures. Staph is usually diagnosed by examination or direct wound culture.

If someone breaks a bone, can they get a staph infection or some other type of infection? Can this be fatal?

Yes and yes. Depending on your comorbidities (other diseases) that may cause immunocompromised states, you COULD get a bone infection after a break which COULD result in bacteremia (blood infection) which COULD result in death. This is rather uncommon but does happen in extreme cases, usually bone infections need surgical treatment and long term antibiotics. Www. Bmednyc. Om.

Can you get a staph infection from a blood transfusion?

Infection and blood. Yes, there is risk for bacterial infection associated with blood product transfusion- especially with platelet transfusion as it is stored in a room temperature. However your risk to have staph infection coming from your own skin or upper respiratory tract is way way way more common than from blood product transfusion- which is almost always.

Is there really no issue for my mom to be in the delivery room if she has staph infection in her blood?

Confusing question. If your mom truly has a staph infection in her blood, I would expect her to be in an ICU bed on IV medication. If she is prone to boils, sties or other staph infections simple hand washing techniques and having her mask during the event will limit the risk. We all have some staph on our skin starting a few hours after birth. I don't see excluding everyone that might, or no one would be there.