Has anyone found a cure for serious neck and back pain, numb arms?

See a specialist. These symptoms and signs could mean a serious spine problem you need to see a spine specialist.
Neck & Back Pain. Surgical "cures" for neck and back pain have been elusive and many procedures have not stood the test of time. Treatment for arm or leg neurologic dysfunction to the contrary, often times can be curative. The key is in making the correct diagnosis and correlating the findings with the imaging studies. Numb arms would be worrisome for cervical stenosis with myelopathy.
Depends on cause. If it's at all curable, the cures are completely diff for diff causes; no 'one size fits all'. Ex. - disc herniations could cause these problems and require surgical treatment of decompressive therapy. Rib or vertebral dysfunction respond best to manipulation. A good history & physical exam, incl. Osteopathic hands-on exam & testing, if nec., could help elucidate the cause & lead to best treatment.

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I have spots on spine on C3 and C5 shoulder pain neck pain numb arms and drop things often

See your doctor. You doctor should be able to tell you what the spots are. They could be benign, or may indicate serious pathologies. Regardless your symptoms suggests spinal cord compression from either bone spurs, disc herniations, tumors etc. With associated cervical myelopathy. There could be other causes. You need to see a spine surgeon so your problem gets diagnosed and treated prior to things worsening.

I have scoliosis & l5-s1, does that cause back pain radiating up to neck w/ numbness & tingling in legs & arms?

Possible. It depends on severity, location, extent and associated defect of spinal cord or nerves.
Yes and no. You need to be seen by an orthopaedic spine specialist. The l5/s1 does not affect your arms but it can affect your legs. You will requires x-rays and mri's of your spine.