Why do my arms and hands go numb then ache?

Many factors. May be diabetes or something completed unrelated like a pinched nerve. You should be promptly evaluated by a physician.

Related Questions

Why do my arms and hands go numb and ache when boss dumps load of typing on me?

Carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) occurs when the wrists are extended (held upward). When you type for extended periods, you must keep your wrists neutral or downward to avoid this injury. All it takes is one of those gel pads in front of your keyboard! I have one for my mouse, too. As for the other issues, you need to take breaks and stretch. Maybe consider retraining into a job with no keyboard!

Why is it that my arms and hands go numb during intercourse?

Positional. Carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome are increased by the bend posture of the wrist or elbow. Leaning on the nerve for prolonged periods can also increase nerve compression.

Why might it be that my arms and hands go numb when I drive my motorcycle?

Carpal tunnel. It certainly could be carpal tunnel syndrome, a pinched nerve in your wrist which makes your fingers go numb. See a hand surgeon for an examination and treatment.
Carpal tunnel. The constant vibrations from the MC engine transmitted to the grips may cause carpal-tunnel type symptoms, which you are describing. Neurosurgeon or hand surgeon can figure it out.
Consultation, EMG/NCT. Bilateral hand numbness can be commonly caused by either systemic issues like diabetes, vitamin deficiencies etc or can be due to peripheral causes like nerve compressions in the neck, elbow or hand. See your pcp who will refer you to a neurologist. After the investigations you will get referred to a hand specialist if you have ulnar or median nerve compressions for surgical release procedures.

Why might it be that my arms and hands go numb and tingle when ever I lay down?

Postural compression. Some considerations include pinching at the wrist or elbow, but maybe more proximal issue such as thoracic outlet syndrome. Might consider median compression at wrist, ulnar at elbow. Likely, this is currently rather mild, but if becoming progressively troublesome, have your doctor look at it.