Can you have too much fiber?

Too much fiber. Yes it is possible to get too much fiber and this can cause a lot of trouble. See you doctor.
Yes. Large amounts of fiber can lead to flatus and bloating which may be uncomfortable.

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Can you have too much fiber? Is it bad to have too much fiber?

Yes. It's pretty hard to get too much fiber from food alone unless you're living on only bread or eat too much of a few very fibrous, undigestable foods. Usually, too much fiber occurs from overuse of fiber supplements - pill or powder form. You may get diarrhea since fiber draws in more water into the colon. Read more...
95% do not ingest . Recomended daily intake of fiber is 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men. However, some experts estimate as much as 95 percent of the population don’t ingest this much fiber.Too much fiber can cause,
abdominal pain
loose stools or diarrhea
temporary weight gain
reduced blood sugar levels, which is important to know if you have diabetes
.