I have swelling of fingers and wrist pain--what could this be?

Rule out arthritgout. Need to see if the cause is arthritis this may represent latent rheumatoid arthritis. Also need to be tested fit giut.
Inflamatory arthriti. If this problem of finger swelling and wrist pain is on going without trauma you should be worked up for an inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis.

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Can swelling of fingers, along with knuckle, wrist pain and redness on hands be a sign of which, scleroderma or lupus or both...No reynaurds here.

Swelling. Those are signs of inflammation consistent with many conditions.
Possible. The symptoms you describe are consistent with an inflammatory (immunologic) disorder. You should really get with your family doctor involved who may get a rheumatologist involved. Multiple body systems can be affected by these disorders and need to be treated to avoid severe long term disorders. Good luck.

I am experiencing wrist pain, hand swelling and finger swelling.

You have arthritis! With so many joints involved you must have one of many types of arthritis! You need a workup from a rheumatologist. Simply treating pain is never the answer. If you have inflammation, it must be suppressed. Inflammation with damage joints, but lead to earlier artherosclerosis!

My husband is having a wrist pain in his right hand with the ring finger swelling and scratching. What might the cause be? He works very hard..

See below. This could be injury or he could have a inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid---he may want to see his doctor to confirm.
Tendinitis? Overuse can lead to tendinitis or inflammation of the tendons that move the fingers and wrist. This can occur after particularly heavy lifting or working more hours than usual. Try ice to affected area when he gets home for 15-20 mins. Use some Ibuprofen or aleve (naproxen). If this does not help, he should see a hand surgeon.

What can cause finger joint swelling and pain with wrist pain and shoulder pain?

Many. Thre are many rheumatologic conditons that could cause your symptoms. One would need to know your history, your overall health, medications, allergies, history and other information. You need a good exam, lab studies and perhaps x-rays. I would recommend you see your pcp, a rheumatologist or an orthopedist. You could have anthing from a minor problem to a severe problem. Get checked out!
Many things. While there are many causes of joint pain, anyone with finger joint pain and swelling along with pain in other joints should be examined and possibly even tested for rheumatoid arthritis. It's is a problem with your immune system in which it begins to attack your own joints. If tests show this is not the cause, your doctor can investigate other possibilities.

What is finger joint swelling and pain with wrist pain and sholder pain symptoms of?

Several things. This problem mandates a real-time (face-to-face) meeting with a doctor. A history has to be taken along with a examination as well as labs and other tests. Only after all this will your doctor be in a position to tell you what's wrong and what needs to be done to help you.

I am 20 years old with Wrist pain starting from top of mid forearm to middle and ring finger. Wrist throbs and hurts to move. No swelling or bruising.

need evaluation. It's not completely clear what your symptoms suggest. Pain in this Siri could come from the joints, are the soft tissues like the tendons, are you a nerve irritation. An evaluation will help clarify what isgoing on. You will see your physician to clarify this until you get there or you could try wearing a wrist splint to decrease her symptoms.