What are the signs of eye cancer?

Changes in vision. Though rare overall, there are many types of cancer of the eye and orbit. For ocular tumors, defects in visual field or blurriness are common. Unusual symptoms including visual hallucinations have been described. For orbital lesions, symptoms can include bulging of the eye, paralysis of movement or double vision. If you have any such changes in one or both eyes, you should see your doctor!

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What are the signs of eye cancer in teenagers?

Rare. Eye cancers in teenagers are extraordinarily rare, almost unheard of. Any change in vision that is unilateral (one side only) or eye pain or sudden change of any kind should be immediately evaluated by an ophthalmologist, even if it isn't cancer.

What are the signs that you have eye cancer?

Very rare. Cancer of the eye is rare. If you are concerned, have an eye exam with an ophthalmologist.