Related Questions

Which type of cartilage makes up the articular cartilage?

Hyaline cartilage. Articular cartilage is made up of Type II Hyaline cartilage which is topographically quite complex in its structural makeup making it uniquely capable of providing a very smooth gliding surface for joints.

What is the function of articular cartilage?

I'll articulate. There are several reasons for the articular cartilage, depending on the location. Generally though it reduces friction, reduces stress on the underlining bone and helps equalize the load bearing pressure.

Difference between articular cartilage and condyles?

Definitions. Articular cartilage refers to the lining of the bones in a joint (such as the knee, hip, shoulder, and wrist). It is an amazing dynamic structure that cushions the joint while allowing it to move freely. Condyles refer to anatomic parts of bones that look like rounded pegs (examples are the femoral condyle of the knees. Elbows, fingers, and toe joints also have "condyles").

Did exercise help or hinder your recovery from articular cartilage repair?

Help. Motion of effected joint and nonimpact activity appear to be valuable for cartilage nutrition and recovery from restoration procedures. By nonimpact I am referring to activities like swimming, cycling, walking which are safe in intermediate stages (3 mos to 6-8 mos) after such procedures. Higher impact activites probably shouldn't even be considered until 10-12 mos post operatively.

Whats does generalised signal heterogeneity within the articular cartilage mean?

Not uniform. Just means that the cartilage looks different in different areas, it does not have a consistent appearance throughout the whole area of cartilage. It could be due to a number of factors. Talk to your doctor about what it means in your situation.