At what dosage does topiramate interfere with birth control?

Any dose may. Topiramate may interfere with absorption or affect metabolism of some bcps. Discuss with your doctors. For may seizure patients it is advised to consider iuds. If topiramate is being used for migraine, usually dose is much less than for seizures. It may still affect bcps but less likely.

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How ineffective does a 50mg dose of topamax (topiramate) make birth control of about 30mcg?

Unknown. It is unknown however the risk of unplanned pregnancy is high. I would recommend you to use an additional barrier birth control or to look for another medication that would not interact with the effectiveness of your birth control pill.

Birth control and topamax (topiramate) safe to take together?

Topamax/Birth co pil. If you are taking topamax (topiramate) it makes the birth control pill ineffective so if you are on both discuss with your doctor and practice a different birth control method.

Hello I take the drug topamax (topiramate) 100 milligrams a day what it would be a good birth control I can used while taking this drug?

Something that works. You want a birth control that works well because pregnant while on Topomax can cause serious birth defects. If you are very good about taking pills daily, oral contraceptives are fine. Otherwise, Implanon or Depo may be your best bets to make sure you have consistent and reliable contraception in place. Talk over options with your OB/GYN.

What is the likelihood that I will ovulate on birth control if it is somewhat ineffective? Like if I'm on topamax (topiramate)?

Not sure your? Topamax (topiramate) can lower the effectiveness of some contraceptives particularly the ones that suppress ovulation. You need to discuss your concerns with your doctor. A second form of contraception is recommended while on topamax (topiramate) and some oral contraceptives to reduce the chance for pregnency.

What birth control pills will topamax (topiramate) make less effect?

Topamax (topiramate) This is theoretical. What is know is higher cleft palate and lip issues if its used in pregnancy. It has been classified to preg cat d from c. The description of cat d also states that it may have effects on birth control pills. I am not aware of any study that that shows this.

Is it safe to have unprotected sex on birth control and topamax (topiramate)?

Depends. Depends what you mean by safe. Neither birth control nor topamax (topiramate) will prevent std transmission. Topamax may cause birth control to be less effective, so you are more likely to be pregnant.
No. Unprotected sex is never save unless you have a single partner and you are his single partner.

I take 150 mg topamax (topiramate) for migrane. What type of birth control can I take that won't be effected by the topamax (topiramate). I prefer the pill, but what works best?

Condoms. You cannot get pregnant while taking topamax (topiramate) because of serious risk to the fetus. The best form of contraception would be the use of condoms. Of course there are other forms of contraception but condoms provide the most protection.
Migraines. Migraine headaches especially in a person with Aura poses quite a contraceptive problem. As conventional estrogen and Progesterone contraceptives may increase the risk of stroke. Some. Physicians will prescribe Progesterone containing contraceptives or. IUDs in this scenario.