Lymphoma--what exactly are non-tender lymph nodes and how big do they get?

Nodes are. Distributed throughout the body. The neck, armpit, and groin are the easiest to see and feel. We all have heard that the sore throat "caused teh glands to swell" and these hurt. Lymphomas are caused by abnormal gene rearrangements in cells composing the regions of a node. One of the features is bcl-2, which prevents dissolving of unnecessary cells (antiapoptosis). These nodes can grow quite larg.

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Lymphoma--what are non-tender lymph nodes?

Unclear question. Lymphoma is a tumor (often malignant) of the lymphatic cells and there are different types (i.e., hodgkin's, non-hd, etc.). These can present with non-tender enlarged lymph nodes, along with other signs and symptoms. Some lymphomas are curable and some treatable and controllable for long time periods. Read more...