Tender lymph nodes in neck with headache and jaw pain, etc?

Painful nodes. Point toward infectious etiology, and jaw pain may indicate dental cause, particularly closed off abcess. Dentist & x-ray would be my first stop. The list is longer for painless nodes.
See oral surgeon. Could be many things. Some minor, some significant. See an oral surgeon for diagnosis/treatment recommendations.
Could be lots... Tender nodes could mean anything. It could be from an oral infection, allergies, chemical exposure! Tight muscles. Have you seen either a doctor or dentist to try to determine the cause. If the nodes are really swollen that could explain the neck pain. Jaw pain could be related but need to check some of the nodes in a near the. Jaw to see if they are the problem.

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Tender lymph nodes in neck related to head pain?

Unlikely... Unless there is acute infection or inflammation involving the meninges.

Tender lymph nodes in neck with head pain/what is it?

Could be... A few different things. Tender is usually a good sign. If you have a few relatively small tender lymph nodes & you struggle with allergies or have a cold, those could cause it. However if you have a very lg node/nodes, it's best to get that checked out. You might also want to check for swollen lymph nodes elsewhere in the body & if you find some, that would be another reason to get checked out.

Is the tender lymph nodes on neck lasting for a month normal? One of them is 1.5 CM in sizes under my jaw. Others r around 1cm on neck. Thx

Lymph nodes. Tender nodes could be due to an underlying infection or inflamed area. If there are several on the neck for over a month you should see your physician as soon as possible. Evaluation for infection is necessary but if there is no evidence than a lymph node biopsy may be needed to look for abnormal cells. Please see your doctor! Good luck!

Tender lymph nodes in neck. Could it be from post nasal drip?

Doubtful. Pnd is usually not a precipitating factor in lymphadenopathy. Infections and allergic reactions are more commonly causative factors in lymphadenopathy. If the condiiton persists, and the nodes do not get smaller and smaller in the next week or so, than see your dr. For an evaluation. Good luck.

What could be the cause of tender lymph nodes in neck?

? infection. Cervical lymphadenopathy is most commonly caused by an infection, be it viral or bacterial. If it is persisitnet, get an evaluation by your dr, as only on a rare occassion is it caused by a more serious condition.
See details. Tender nodes usually means inflammation. Have a doctor take a look if the nodes persist.

Drainage, sore throat and tender lymph nodes in neck.3rd day of 250mg z-pak. Feel better overall, but throat still very sore and nodes tender.

Takes time.... Takes time to get rid of residual inflammation. A mouth spray (chorseptic) and NSAID can help your throat pain. "we are still not in the time of getting better yesterday! ".

Sore throat and sinus drainage with tender lymph nodes in neck. On 3rd day of z-pak, feel better overall, but not in throat or neck. See a dr?

Patience. If you feel you are getting better I would give it some more time. Your lymph nodes can stay swollen for months after an illness. If they are getting larger, or more numerous, that is a different story and see your doc asap.

Sick with a cold a week ago, had a soar throat along with very tender lymph nodes in neck. Not ill anymore but neck lymph nodes still very tender, something To be concerned? How long does the tenderness go down after illness? Should I see a doctor?

Tender nodes. Tenderness should subside in 2-3 weeks. Take ibuprofen.
Mono. You may have had mononucleosis or a strep infection. It would be worth seeing a doctor to get a definitive diagnosis.
Lymph nodes. After such an infection I would give the reactive lymph glands a couple of weeks to lose their tenderness. Even then small, shotty lymph nodes may persist months or even years but they should not be tender. Worrisome signs would be growth of new glands, increasing size of one or more glands or appearance of new palpable lymph glands in other parts of the body. See your physician as needed.