Can you take sulindac with lisinopril?

OK if normal kidneys. Lisinopril is anti-htn medicine called an ace inhibitor. This class of drugs protect the kidney but can cause renal failure and increased potassium. Most kidney disease pts take an ace inhibitor b/c it protects their kidneys. It is not recommended that kidney disease pts. On an ace take sulindac cause the combination could worsen their renal problems and further increase their potassium level.

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Can you take diclofenac or sulindac with lisinopril?

Increase blood pres. Each may increase your blood pressure since each is an NSAID and all nsaids can increase blood pressure in susceptible people. Having elevated blood pressure can already put you at risk. You need to discuss it with your physician and get a blood pressure cuff and monitor your blood pressure with your physician as well as your kidney function which nsaids can decrease. Read more...