Sjogren's syndrome== any information on treatment would be appreciated!?

Dysautonomia. This syndrome has been recognized in the medical literature as part of a compromised autonomic (automatic) nervous system that is the underlying cause. Amazingly, it can be treated by the use of intravenous vitamins. I suggest you go to acam@acam.Org to seek a doc who does this in or near your area. They are not common because cam is not yet readily accepted.
Mostly symptomatic. Treatment of sjogren's ismostly focused on symptoms (pain, dryness...). Some patients benefit from medications such as Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil).

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What is the treatment for sjogrens syndrome?

Combination of meds. Treatment starts with daily oral steroids(prednisone)to gain faster control of inflammation followed by "steroid-sparing"meds that control systemic autoimmune disease without the long term serious side-effects of steroids so steroids can be decreased and then stopped.These safer long-term drugs are low dose Methotrexate weekly, imuran, cellcept, (mycophenolate mofetil) and rituximab. Plaquenil is given to prevent flares. Read more...

What treatments are offered to a teenage child who's been diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome?

SJOGRENS SYNDROME. Treatment is symptomatic. It can be asso. With inflammatory disorders, autoimmune disease, etc. It is chronic involving dryness of eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. It can also have arthritis similar to ra.E. Read more...

Is there any cure for sjogrens syndrome?

Cure/Sjogren Syndrom. No there is no cure for sjogren syndrome but it can go into remission in some cases, some mild cases can be handled with symptomatic therapy.With proper attention to eyes and oral care patients are able to be comfortable.Dry eyes can cause trauma to eyes and corneal obesity, so all patients should be under care of eye doc, dry mouth needs to be handled by dentist to prevent tooth deacay. Read more...