Can you tell me aboiut sjogrens syndrome?

Dry mouth and eyes. Sjogrens is an auto-immune disease where your body attacks your salvary glands and tear glands of the eyes. This is sometimes associated with other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. A blood test or salivary gland biopsy can give the diagnosis.

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Can anyone here tell me about sjogrens syndrome?

Sjogren's. Sjogren's is the most common of the (so called) connective tissue diseases in the lupus family. Ucsd and scripp's cliic researches suggest on the basis of autoimmine blood tests run on blood donors, 1/300 may have it, although it is closer to 1/500. Variable in severity, it causes loss of water secretions in mouth, eyes, colon, even perspiration, with time. Associated with ss-a, b antibodies.

Can anyone tell me about sjogrens syndrome symptoms?

There are many. Sjogrens syndrome most often is a benign condition in the sense that it usually doesn't cause serious internal organ damage. However, it can cause severe dry mouth leading to dental problems, dry eyes leading to corneal abrasions, vaginal dryness leading to painful intercourse. It can also have more serious consequences with skin, nerve, lung, heart, joint, bone marrow, and other organ injury.

My mother has two problems.1.Sjogrens syndrome.2. Hypokalemia she is on few medicines. Can you please tell me what fruits and food is most suitable.?

Pills. Hypokalemia can be seen in sjögren's due to renal tubular acidosis. Oral potassium supplements would be more appropriate than foods high in potassium.
Orange juice. Foods rich in potassium are oranges, bananas, tomatoes. Potatoes. Please check with your doctor before changing diet.
Potassium foods. Best sources of potassium include all citrus fruit, all melons, tomato, potato, banana, melon, yam, strawberries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, tangerines, clementine.
Diet 2 increase K in. Do the DASH eating plan. If kidneys are normal and problem will be corrected in2 weeks. Never tell us "few medicines". We are not mind readers. Many can cause low K. Get the DASH Diet for Hypertension book by T. Moore et al. The exact ID for the book is: ISBN: 0-7434-1007-6 e-book is eISBN-13: 978-1-43914-059-8”. If you local bookstore does not have it they can order it for you. It is about $8.

What is sjogrens syndrome?

Sjogrens Syndrome. Sjogrens syndrome is an auto immune disease. Symptoms of sjogrens syndrome are generalised dryness, dry mouth, dry eyes, and skin, nose and vaginal dryness rhematoid arthritis it may affect other organs like, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, blood vessels, nervous system, liver and brain it affects more women than men in9to1proportin.
An autoimmune diseas. Sjögren's is an autoimmune disease where the body "turns against itself" and makes antibodies against the mucous secreting areas of the body- the eyes mouth respiratory and genitourinary it is mostly associated as the dry eyes dry mouth syndrome. Other features may include arthritis and kidney disease. It is vital that you see a rheumatologist to evaluate yourcsymptoms make the correct diagnosis a.

Can you treat sjogrens syndrome?

Yes, depends. The chronic condition is difficult to treat but may respond to topical eye and mouth treatments. In rare cases biological agents such as humera are prescribed to treat this.

How does sjogrens syndrome happens?

Autoimmune disease. Sjogrens is an autoimmune disease. This means that the body starts to " attack" itself due to an alteration in the ability to identify its own tissue. It " perceives" the target tissue as a foreign invader and tries to eliminate it. This leads to signs and symptoms of whatever organ is being attacked. Like many autoimmune diseases, there are genetic factors that predispose someone to be affected.

How do you diagnose sjogrens syndrome for sure?

Bx and lab. I do minor salivary gland bx, and really heavily on lab tests, looking for the presence of ss-a and ss-b autoantibodies. Almost 50% of sjogren's patients have a positive rf. Eelvations of gammaglobulins are common, especially IgG and igm. There is some heredebiity to this condition, albeit weaker than many forms of arthritis.
See below. You must have symptoms plus antibodies or a minor salivary biopsy plus symptoms.