What are alternative ways to ease rheumatism pain?

Improve lifestyle. Chronic joint pain/swelling can be helped using an anti-inflammatory diet (plant based, whole grains and lean protein), drink 0.5oz/pound you weigh for joint hydration. Using supplements like omega 3 4-6 grams/day, glucosamine and curcumin are important as well. Maintain a healthy weight. Exericse with tai chi, in a heated pool. Acupuncture, reiki and meditationcan also help with pain.
Omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids have been shown to decrease inflammation and help with arthritis pain. These can be found in natural foods like fish, sea algae, avocados, olives, flax, or in supplements made of the same foods. Also staying active and flexible can help prevent stiffness. Yoga, tai chi, pilates, swimming, walking all can help. Glucosamine and chondroitin are controversial, but may help.