Melatonin (homeopathic, for sleep)-are there side effects in perimenopause?

Melatonin. Some people confuse regular melatonin in material doses of 3-6 mg, with the "homeopathic" form -- manufactured in potencies of 12x, etc. Melatonin in material doses can induce sleep. Some may experience grogginess the next day with it, though. The "homeopathic" form is not a true homeopathic remedy because no provings have been done on it, and it may or may not correspond to your exact symptoms.
Bad dreams. Melatonin after 35 can help people sleep. The most common side effect is weird dreams and being too groggy the next day. Start slow and titrate up if you are not sleeping well also Progesterone can be low in perimenopause which is an amazing sleep hormone. Have your doctor check that or see someone who prescribes bioidentical hrt.
Melatonin. My response in regards to the type of melatonin you can purchase otc. Possible se’s from melatonin include: feeling tired the next day, sleep walking, nightmares, vivid dreams, dizziness, confusion, headache, GI upset, v libido, v sperm count, gynecomastia in men & mood changes.

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