What is the best way to cope with anxiety if you are going through perimenopause?

Fix anxiety sources. Reduce stress, improve relations, prioritize, decrease demands, exercise, decrease caffeine/alcohol; pay attention to dietary selections, have a healthy sex life, stimulate your mind intellectually and where necessary, medications. The drugs of choice? Serotinergic antidepressants(short term use or breakthrough symptoms), benzo diazepines(selectively). Attempt Buspar (buspirone) or low dose b-blockers helpful.
Healthy lifestyle. This is the time when many life changes are happening and healthy lifestyle plays a huge role.Eating right, exercising, sleeping well, avoiding tobacco +alcohol will help you cope more easily.Taking up yoga or tai-chi may be a good stress reliever too. It may be a time that kids are leaving the nest for school or jobs and some women feel less needed. Finding rewarding work or volunteering may help.