What exactly is a kock pouch?

Waste Reservoir. A kock pouch is a continent ileostomy formed through surgery after a colectomy. Basically, it's an pouch inside the abdomen (created from the intestines) that allows stool to accumulate inside the body and be emptied through a catheter in the abdomen at will. This procedure is used to avoid tradition colostomy bags and improve a patient's quality of life.
A continent stoma. A koch pouch is a permanent ileal stoma, or ileostomy. It is designed to be a continent reservoir. What that means is fluid does not come out of the stoma spontaneously. The user has to put a tube into the stoma several times a day to empty the contents of the pouch. The surgeon configures the bowel in such a way to create both a larger space to store fluid, and a valve that holds fluid inside.