What kind of spinal rod is used for scoliosis?

Metal alloy. In scoliosis surgery the rod is typically made of a metal alloy. Most commonly used are titanium and stainless steel. More recently cobalt come alloys are becoming popular.
There are multiple. There are several types of rods used in terms of there diameter & length as well as there composition. Stainless steel & titanium remain most common. There are rods used for anterior spine surgery & others used for a posterior approach. There are multiple types of manufactured systems for use in scoliosis surgery available including some under development such as memory & magnetic growing rods.

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What kind of spinal rod is used for spine scoliosis?

Varies. Most of the rods used for surgery in scoliosis are made of either titanium or an alloy such as cobalt-chrome. Typically two rods are used and they can be contoured to reproduce an anatomic sagittal and coronal alignment. As opposed to the older harrington rods that just principally used distraction for correction potentially causing a flat back. Thank you for the question.