What is the best non invasive? Option? For cervical disc ruptures?

No treatment. Time is the best healer as most resolve over time but other additional options include; activity modification, smoking cessation, medication like tylenol (acetaminophen) or anti inflammatories if no cobtraindications, cervical traction, a cervical collar usually worn backward, and local treatment like massage or heat.
Time and therapy. Chances are that this will heal with time and your symptoms will resolve. Physical therapy will help you decrease the associated symptoms and strengthen your neck which will hopefully lower the chances of this happening again. Other treatments include chiropractic care, medications, epidural steroid injections. In cases where conservative care fails or there is nerve involvement consider surgery.
Several. Physical therapy, chiropractic, cervical traction, nsaids and cervical epidural steroid injections. Check out spine-health.Com.