How long after scoliosis back surgery you start being sexually active again?

6 weeks. First and foremost you should talk to your surgeon regarding this matter. At the 2006 scoliosis reseach society per-meeting course, dr. John sarwark presented a chart for resuming activities following surgery and the recommendation for adults resuming sex was at 6 weeks. Again though you should check with your surgeon regarding his guidelines.
Scoliosis & P/op Sex. Scoliosis back surgery clearance depends on your surgeon's say-so for return to any activities. Your spinal levels and what your surgery involved are factors. Climbing 2 flights of stairs is the common green light for post-mi. Are you able to move okay in other daily/life activities? For a personal view, see http://disabledfeminists.Com/2009/11/13/guest-post-sex-and-scoliosis/.

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How long after back surgery (ruptured disc) is it okay for a woman to resume sexual activities?

Depends. A lot depends on the type and magnitude of the surgery, i would suggest waiting at least 4-6 weeks but look to your surgeon for specific guidance and consider being careful initially. Read more...