How long does a person need to be off work after? Cervical laminectomy? Surgery?

Depends. The most important thing is the type of surgery you experienced. Was it a posterior surgery- a true laminectomy? How many levels were operated on? What is your job? The only person who can answer your question is your surgeon. Give his office a call and see what he says. You don't want to go back too soon and risk a failure of your surgery.

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What can you know about arnold chiari. And a surgery called a cervical laminectomy?

Chiari 1. Arnold chiari malformation type 1 is defined by cerebellar tonsils that extend below the foramen magnum. The symptoms range from none to numbness, pain and weakness. The condition can become life threatening when cerebrospinal fluid is blocked. It is important to see a neurosurgeon with experience treating this disorder to discuss the therapeutic options. Read more...