Which baby proofing equipment is necessary, and what is simply nice to have?

Door & drawer locks. Drawers and cabinet doors must all be locked up. Velcro straps can be used to hold many items in place, such as tv sets and lamps, which could fall on a child. Electrical outlets should be covered. Remember, anything that can be pulled down by curious little hands will indeed be pulled down!
Adult Supervision. The simplest things go a long way. Look at things as if you were the child, anything you can knock over, pull down, break or eat secure. Go through every room, and think what could harm the baby. Detergents, cleaners, medicines, put in high cabinets or secure behind locked areas. Be midful of cords on blinds, plants. Invest in gates you screw into the wall and outlet covers, and your watchful eye.
Gates on Stairs. Baby proofing is about providing a safe environment for your infant- most of that you can do without expensive baby proofing equipment. Make sure medicines and cleaning supplies are kept high out of your infants reach or in locked cabinets. Look for heavy objects that can be pulled down onto himself. Stairs are a big hazard- securing a gate at the top of the stairs is a must in most households.