Is there a link between lower back and knee pain?

Possibly. If your knee pain causes you to limp the altered mechanics of motion in your back may lead to pain. On the other hand if there is nerve compression in the back it may lead to nerve pain that radiates to the knee. Or there may be a problem in both areas. Careful evaluation is the key to diagnosis.

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What could be causes of lower back and knee pain?

Many possibilities. The first question becomes are the symptoms stemming from one area of injury/pathology, or are the 2 pains separate entities? May be referred pain from back, may be systemic disease causing both, may be knee pain causing poor gait patterns leading to back pain, etc (list goes on). Evaluation is always best, in order to let a specialist find the cause/causes and treat appropriately from there.

Back and knee pain have been diagnosed with degenerate disease in lower back doctor says its not bad and he don't understand why I am in pain. My left knee goes out all the time xray shows nothing, I have fallen down the stairs, an 4wks ago I fell and twi

A. A knee that locks or gives out may be a sign of a displaced meniscal tear (cartilage inside the knee) those are best view with a mri. Xrays may appear normal despite having a tear. A year is a long to have continued symptoms. I recommend an MRI and you may ultimately need a consultation with an orthopedist to discuss the results.
Torn meniscus. When knees give way, it is important to differentiate between pathology inside the joint (such as a torn meniscus, acl tear, etc) and muscle or nerve injury. A thorough physical exam will show if there is muscle weakness or a ligament injury. An MRI should demonstrate pathology inside the joint.

Is it possible for knee pain/swelling to now start also causing pain up thighs and painful lower back - or are they 2 totally different things?

Possibly. Painful knees can cause you to alter your gait. Often the altered gait can then lead to hip and/or back pain.
Probably back issue. This is likely a manifestation coming from your backand radiating to your knees and not the other way around. Motor and sensory testing would help differentiate. Physical therapy will likely help you.
Many possibilities. The knee is an important weight bearing joint with a complex inner and outer structure. Your pain could be as a result of many different things. A thorough history and physical exam and possibly some laboratory and radiology exams are needed to determine the exact cause. Causes of pain may include: trauma (fracture, tendon or ligamentous tear, arthritis), infection, and metabolic conditions.

I've had intermittent aching knee pain since I was a child. Now21. No injuries. Worse at night. Sometimes lower back/knee pain. What could this be?

Evaluate. There is little information in your question as for a diagnosis or a suspicion of a diagnosis. You need to see a rheumatologist and you need to be examined, a 20 years old pain it is not usual as for problems usually get better or get worse.

I have lower back stiffness and knee pain probably from arthritus. Can wearing worn out shoes create problems?

Potentially. A malalignment of the foot in stance phase can be associated with back and knee problems; so if your shoes are wearing out to the extent they are affecting the way you stand, then it is certainly plausable. Of course, one simple way to test this is to get new shoes and see if it improves your back and knee symptoms. Thank you.
Absolutely. 1. Get new shoes. 2. See a podiatrist to see if he can correct your foot angle and this may decrease your knee and back pain.

I have a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I pulled a muscle in my lower back can that cause me to have knee pain with move?

Yes. Yes, but @ age 25 deg disc disease is rather uncommon unless other factors involved. Back pain w/ nerve 'pinching' can cause knee pain BUT a good examination / history can normally distinguish between back and related nerve pain and a primary knee problem (tendinitis, kneecap, etc.). My reccommation would be to see a board certified ORS if your symptoms persist. Best of Luck!!