Why would I wake up with upper back pain every morning?

Disc or muscular. Many causes. First I would get a thoracic mri. Pain may be associated with bulging / herniated discs, arthritis of the spine. If all tests are normal, pain maybe associated with muscular spasms and pain. Pain can cause insomnia which can exacerbate upper back pain. Anxiety and depression can also cause or exacerbate upper back pain.

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I wake up every morning with back pain mid area for 1-2 hours, I stooped going gym now. It started from upper back pain a month ago.

Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement. .. Without additional information, it's difficult to identify the cause of your pain. You should seek help from a health care provider. You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Upper back pain and chest pressure for 2 months. Could this be my lungs? Get worse while laying down and waking up in morning. What else?

Chest pressure. Impossible to tell without significantly more detailed history;BUT it is vital to obtain an accurate diagnosis so do promptly be evaluated by your physician or via a Health Tap Concierge consultation.

I have upper back pain on my right side. It is most intense when I look down & is constant. Its sometimes absent when I just wake up but not for long?

Upper back pain. The pain that you describe is typical of an inflamed rib head as it inserts into the spine. Anti-inflammatory medications, stretching and massage can help. Apply ice at night and moist warm heat in the morning. Chiropractors are helpful with this problem. Injection of the rib head with a cortisone shot is another treatment option. If the pain persists then a thoracic MRI scan is warranted.

When I wake up I have very bad upper back pain between and under my shoulder blades. Why?

Old Mattress? Hopw old is your mattress? Maybe you need a new one. Sounds like muscle spasm. Try taking nsaids along with heat. You can get a massage. If all else fails see your pcp who can prescribe a muscle relaxer.