Can you get Parkinson's disease symptoms at a young age?

MAY BE MEDS INDUCED. U have to know the difference bw parkinsonism and parkinson disease, one is genetic and occurs due to depleted Dopamine in substantia nigra, where we make dopamine, and the other could be due to meds especially due to meds causing it especially antipsychotics may need a neuro consult , if positive for family history.
Yes, even late 20's! Average age of onset is about 58-60 years old. However, true pd can be seen as early as late 20's to as late as 80-90's. Typically, the younger the age of onset, the more genetically inheritable & severe. The later the onset the less genetically inheritable & mild. Either way, all must be treated promptly by aneurologist with the best modern approach meds to maximize daily function, health & qol!