What do doctors do to treat sciatic nerve pain?

Conservative Rx 1st. After a thorough neurological evaluation, your doctor might prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, narcotic and/or non-narcotic pain medications, referral for physical therapy, and steroid injections. At some point an MRI scan will be needed if your symptoms persist. Check with your doctor.
Spine Pain Options. This pain may need evaluation by a spine specialist and you may be candidate for facet injections/radiofrequency ablation and epidural steroid injection. if you fail these along with physical therapy you might want to at least meet with a spine surgeon to discuss surgical options.
See below. Initially after confirming the diagnosis, you are place light exercises, heat/cold, short termed oral steroids, nsaids and analgesic medications. If your pain persist after physical therapy you may undergo an epidural steroids injection series. During that time life style modifications are made. If all fail, then surgery is presented as a treatment option. You then can make an informed decision.