Are there any contraindications to having the continent ileostomy?

Crohn's disease. A continent ileostomy uses about 18" of your intestine to create the internal pouch. If you have a chronic inflammatory process that can effect other areas of your small intestine in the future your risks of future surgery and having too little small bowel for nutritional support increase. If the small bowel is normal then continent ileostomy can be considered.
Continent ileostomy. I usually do not advise it. It takes more bowel to construct, and chances of failure are higher. If one is to be constructed, it should be done by an expert colorectal surgeon.

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What exactly is a continent ileostomy?

Controlled ostomy. A continent ostomy is an ostomy that does not flow or leak continuously into a bag. It is usually skin level, nonobtrusive and can be drained or emptied by placing a drainage tube into a small orifice. It can be used in a variety of diseases, cancer inflammatory bowel disease. Etc.
Controllable. An ileostomy is placement of the end of the small intestine out of an opening made in the abdominal wall. Most of these will drain or empty spontaneously, without any control. A valve can be constructed at the opening of the intestine (stoma) which will allow no drainage unless a catheter is passed into the opening--we call this a "continent" ileostomy.

Is there another name for continent ileostomy?

Yes. Kock pouch or a modification called the barnett continent ileal reservoir/bcir.
Koch + J S W pouch. This is a complex subject and I understand your confusion. The conventional continent ileostomy is called a koch pouch and its opening is located on the abdomen. Other surgeons have described a variety of other procedures where the end is attached to the rectum using an lido-anal pull through technique with a pouch formed using a variety of configurations known the j, s, or w pouch modifications.

Are medications required routinely after the continent ileostomy?

Not for ulc. Colitis. If the ileostomy was done for rx of ulcerative colitis that wasn't responding to meds, then not needed. May need occasional meds for symptomatic rx, e.g. Antidiarrheals. Joint issues, eye issues, skin issues often resolve after removal of the colon. Liver issues may not.
Not necessarily. The medications required will be to treat the original condition for which you had the ileostomy but not necessarily for the ileostomy per se.

Is it safer for a woman to bear a child with a traditional ileostomy versus a continent ileostomy being that the pouch is internal with a continent ileostomy?

Some set backs. Most of the time will be small bowel problems partial or complete obstruction, trditional ileostomy will have least problems. In ci like j pouch as is existing precariouly, with poor blood supply, poor function, pouchitis, pelvic sepsis, etc gravid utereus will give problems to pouch and its function.
Both are Safe. While the published data is limited, women with continent ileostomies could expect a normal pregnancy and delivery. However, intubating the stoma can be more difficult during the 3rd trimester which may require keeping a catheter in the stoma and wearing a leg-bag.

Is the intubation process of continent ileostomy painful?

Intubation. You do not know it. Usually Propofol is used prior. You will have no memory of it.
Maybe Initially. You need to work closely with your ostomy nurse. Once you've done it a few times - it becomes almost automatic. It really is like inserting a pressure release valve, you will get good at it overtime.
Not painful. You should not experience pain with intubation of a continent ileostomy because the nerve fibers of the small intestine are different from those of the skin, muscle and soft tissues. The small intestine can be burned and cut without you feeling pain; you feel pain from your intestine when it is stretched or distended.