Is coffee good or bad for diabetes?

Diabetes And Coffee. Coffee is good for prevention of diabetes.In a study it was found if you drink more than6/7cups regular or decaf coffee daily you have 35% less chance of developig diabetes as compared to those who drink less than2cups a day. Those who drink4to6cups of coffee a day reduce their risk by28%.It may be due to antioxidant effect and mineral like magnesium&chromium, which helps body use insulin. Not caff.
Yes. Good: coffee has other chemicals in it besides caffeine which have beneficial effects on metabolism and may even slow dementia. Bad: too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much coffee can make you irritable, dehydrated, and cause poor sleep and fatigue. Ugly: sugar, cream, not to mention fancy lattes and frapuccinos are laden with sugar, fat, and calories.