My daughter is 11 months and she is teething but she is pooping white is that something to be worried about?

Stool pattern. Stool pattern in infants can vary in terms of frequency, color and consistency. A different colored stool (white) is not alarming, but if it is consistently grey/white; child should be seen bh pediatrician. Liver bile production/recirculation colors stool and constant grey stools may indicate a problem in this system.
Likely not. Teething can affect children in different ways...Some can develope fever and some can develope minor GI issues. If everything else is normal, it may be due to teething. Once the teeth "break through" the gums, if it doesn't return to normal color, see your pediatrician, just to be certain.
Yes. White stool implies decreased breakdown products of bilirubin in the stool. This can be serious and she should be seen by her pediatrician of family doctor right away. It is likely unrelated to teething.