I have headache please suggest?

Not that easy. If your headache i severe enough that you have spent time posting in this forum then you need to see your pcp. The server for this site probably does not have the room to discuss possibilities from.
Type of Headache? It depends on a number of factors: where the headache is located (left, right, face, etc.), how severe, how long it has lasted, associated symptoms such as pain in the back of your neck which started first or are there symptoms, such as 'seeing spots' or hearing whooshing sounds which preceded the headache, also whether this is a recurring condition. More detail is needed for more accurate help.
TOO MANY POSSIBLE. Causes to be entertained. If Ibuprofen or Aleve or tylenol (acetaminophen) is not helpful, please see your doctor.
Get checked out. A good start at finding potential headache triggers would be to maintain a diary. Every time you have a headache write down what you were doing, the foods you ate that day, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, stress, how much sleep you had the night before, eye strain, etc. Try to find patterns in your headache so that you can learn what things to avoid. Get checked by your doctor.