If I'm having hot flashes, back pain, chest pain, fear to be sick. Just feel safe with my husband around me. Am I having a panic disorder?

Not sure but.. A number of physical disorders can produce these symptom so i suggest you see your primary care md right away. It appears you are experiencing anxiety symptoms but there are other symptoms that may represent an underlying physical ailment.
Possibly. If being around your husband relieves all of those symptoms, then very likely you are having panic attacks. But, if those symptoms, especially the chest pain, are present with your husband around, then call 911 or an ambulance or go to a health care facility asap.
Could be but........ The symptoms you described could occur during a panic attack. However, if this is the first time you are experiencing these symptoms and you have no previous underlying medical/psychiatric or stressful situations that would account for them, then get checked out as soon as you can.