Is hearing loss genetic?

Sometimes. Some types of hearing loss are inherited but others are caused by infection, trauma or exposure to loud noises. An ear specialist or otolaryngologist can help sort out the cause of hearing difficulty.
Some types. Elderly hearing loss is not hereditary. Early hearing loss, before age 50, may be hereditary. There are other causes of hearing loss in younger people, starting from congenital hearing loss at birth due to vertically transmitted infections, to noise-induced hearing loss, to infection-related hearing loss. Genetic hearing loss is either autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive, in children.

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Does genetic play a role hearing loss susceptibility to aminoglycosides in children or adults?

Genetic hearing loss. Yes, a genetic mutation in mitochondrial RNA has been shown to predispose individuals to hearing and balance problems when they receive amino glycoside antibiotics. This can happen even at low doses typically acknowledged to minimize the risk of toxicity. At high doses, however, amino glycosides can exhibit toxicity in the ear even in individuals without this mutation. Read more...
Yes. Mitochondrial genes have been identified which are thro maternal transmission responsible for aminoglycoside induced hearing loss. South africans apparently are more prone for aminoglycoside hearing loss. Read more...