What does a lumbar traction table do?

Apply traction. It is meant to apply traction on the spine in order to treat disorders of the back.

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What is the recommended lumbar traction device to help ease pain?

Depends. There are many different ways to apply traction to the lumbar spine. Some include manual techniques (people pulling on you), big machines, or simple home devices. Each device must be suited to your body type (big/thin). Discuss this with your physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist. Once an effective technique is found for your body type, then you may be able to find the best device for you.
This is on the lower. Choice of methods following regular exercise, not smoking and keeping trim. There is no one recommended traction device but an inversion table tends to be favored in terms of efficacy and price.

Please help! What is the best lumbar traction device to help ease pain?

Low back pain. The best lumbar traction device is the one that works for you. Many companies will offer a 30 day trial. Usually 10-15 minutes in the morning and in the evening is effective in relieving the pain. If traction makes the pain worse, then see a spine specialist for further evaluation.

Can someone diagnosed with Elhors Danlos undergo lumbar traction to treat disc herniation?

Elhors Danlos. I don't think it should be a problem but it won't hurt to consult your doctor or a neurosurgeoin.
Depends... Depends on the penetration....depth of the disease process and need for traction. The treating doctor should decide.

What is lumbar traction?

A type of treatment. Treatment for back problems where there is traction on your spine to "open up" the spaces between you vertebra and loosen the pressure on trapped nerves and restore disc integrity.
Pull. Literally means pulling on your spine in a way to temporarily lengthen your spine. There are several tables/ machines that do this, inversion tables allow gravity to do the work of pulling. Many people with low back or nerve pain related to back conditions find traction helpful at least temporarily.
Expands foramen. When a disc collapses the roof and the floor of the the space the nerve travels through collapses. Traction is a treatment that pulls the roof and floor apart, expanding and unpinching the nerve, it is temporary, but sometimes helps the nerve inflammation and irritability improve.

Can you tell me more about lumbar traction or diometry?

Back pain. Lumbar traction is used to relieve low back pain. The goal is to decompress pinched nerves and realign the joints and ligaments to relieve low back and radiating leg pain. There are a variety of machines for traction and many are used by physical therapists and chiropractors as part of their treatment regimen. There are some available for home use and many offer a 30 day trial before purchase,

For a 54 year old woman who's 52kg or 115lbs, what weight is suitable for neck traction and what weight for lumbar traction?

Weight not a factor. The issue is not the traction but the cause of the problem to start with. Neck and back spondylosis is a result of ligament damage and prolotherapy is the cure. Visit www. Getprolo. Com or www. Aaomed. Org for information and to find a doctor. To help you.

What is the best lumbar traction device to alleviate back pain?

There are several. There are several devices on the market. I don't know of any "one" device which is the best. The results of treatment with these devices is hard to measure and compare in a scientific manner.