Related Questions

What are some natural ways to make my knee swelling go down?

Ice. Icing and elevating are commonly recommended to decrease swelling. Usually 20-30 minutes on (make sure there is something between your skin and the ice pack) can be repeated a few times a day until the swelling resolves.
Rest compression ice. Decreasing activity (especially the ones that cause swelling, rest, ice, compression (ace wrap) and nsaids are all reasonable ways to help treat knee swelling. To figure out why your knee is swelling, an examination, x-rays, and perhaps an MRI are often needed.

What are "natural" ways to make my knee swelling go down?

Many. "natural" remedies (i assume you are referring to non-medication, non-surgical means) for knee swelling include rest, ice, elevation, an elastic knee brace, physical therapy and massage.
Try ice. Bromelian capsules (or found in pineapple) is a known antiinflammatory.

How can I naturally reduce knee swelling?

Swollen knee. The best way is to rest it and apply ice... Get it checked if it is hot, painful or red.

What are some ways to reduce knee swelling that's resulted from squatting/lifting/walking a lot?

Decrease activity. The big question is 'why is it swelling'? Your treating damage after the fact. What's good for a hangover? Don't get drunk in the first place.

What are some possibilities for knee swelling that goes on for years?

Many. The most common reasons for knee swelling is degenerative changes of the knee, meaning the beginning of arthritis. Other reasons are chronic meniscal tears or instability for previous injuries.