I have knee and other joint problems. Are there supplements I can take?

EFAs, fiber, stretch. Efas, fiber, and gentle stretching help with joint pain. Herbal helpers include burdock root (anti-inflammatory) willow bark ([pain reliever) arnica, ashwaganda, cat's claw, ginger, tumeric (anti inflammatory), boswelia, nettles (anti-arthritic and anti- inflammatory.).

Related Questions

Are there supplements for knee and other joint problems?

Supplements. Yes one of the most common supplements is glucosamine. This can be combined with chondroitin sulfate.

Can you be young and have knee joint problems?

Yes. Joint problems can occur at any age. If you are having problems, see a specialist and have an evaluation.
Sure. Most knee joint problems in young people are the result of injury. There are some congenital/ structural issues like discoid meniscus and dislocating patella which are more common in kids. Additionally, jra and other rheumatologic issues are a consideration.

What could be the cause of joint problems in hips, knees, and back?

Check it out. You need to see your doc. Of course most commonly would be some degree of osteoarthritis, however there are many other causes. You may just have a problem with one of those areas or joints causing a mechanical problem with extra stress on the other areas. It would not be common to have oa in all 3 giving trouble at one time. I would guess the back as culprit.

All my life I've had joint problems and hip and knee problems, what to do?

Many possibilities. The pain can be due to many things such as gout, infection, inflammation of the bursa, or due to tendon, cartilage, or bone abnormalities. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

What can you do for loose knee joint problems?

It depends on cause. "loose" knee joint can indicate ligament, meniscus, or arthritis problem. It may be due to muscle atrophy as well. It should be evaluated by an orthopedist or rheumatologist, especially if it is causing instability or falling.

Knee joint problems and need help in exercise class but instructor keeps pushing me?

Exercise class. Back off with the more strenuous, painful exercises. Stick with light weight and stretching til you get painless good range of motion at the joint. If still problems, see the orthopedc surgeon.

Will jogging/ running regularly create knee joint problems at a later stage. I getter finger numbness at night when I sleep could this be related?

Maybe. Some people can run forever without problems others not so much if the knee is good to begin with then running ok if not pick something with less impact like walking fast or elliptical trainer the finger numbness thing is most likely carpal tunnel syndrome form what little data that is available.